Yaru yaru song lyrics in English - Hatavadi Movie
Yaru yaru song lyrics in English - Hatavadi Movie

Yaru yaru song lyrics in English – Hatavadi Movie

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yaaru yaaru yaaru yaaru
yaarigaagi illa yaaru
nooru nooru nooru nooru
baduko daari nooru nooru ||2||

beLeyonendu sOlodilla
kalitovnendu baagOdilla
tuLiyOnendu uLiyodilla
yaaranyaaru beLesodilla
ella gottu annorilla
yaaru illi modalenalla
bhoomi mele devaru modala?
devariginta naave modala
yaaru yaaru yaaru yaaru
yaarigaagi yaaru, yaarigilla yaaru
guruve illade kalitovrunTu
nanTe illade badukovrunTu
yaaru yaaru yaaru yaaru yaaru
yaarigaagi ella yaaru, yaarigaagi illa yaaru

yaaru (8)

bhaashe modala, praasa modala,
desha modala, dhwesha modala,
jaati modala, neeti modala,
mouna modala, muttinantha maatu modala
naada modala, bhaava modala
veda modala, gaade modala
veene modala, sarigama swara modala,
janana modala, maraNa modala,
miDita modala, tuDita modala,
taayi haala haniye modala
hoova oDala madhuve modala
jENa haniya sihiye modala
acchha hasira paire modala
swachhchha gaaLi usire modala

beeja na, vruksha na,
kOLi na, moTTe na,
naana neena, neena naana

yaaru (8)

yaaru yaaru yaaru yaaru
yaarige yaaru alla sOlu
nooru nooru nooru nooru
buddhi hELo mandi nooru

saadhane illade geluve illa,
saadhisidavanige saave illa
saagara vidyege koneye illa
saadhakarannu mareyodilla
kanasa kaNo kaNNinalli
shramada neraLu suLiyodilla
tiLiyabeku geluva guTTu
geddare illi jeevana unTu

sOlu geluvu nalivu uLivu
baaLu ninna daarili
lOka ninna kaiyalli
sathya ninna edurallunTu
bichchu ninna buddhi gantu
nODu (4)
kaNNa teredu jagava nODu
iduve nithyada badukina haaDu
haaDu (4)

srushti modala, drushti modala,
hejje modala, gejje modala,
geete modala, gaade modala,
tatva modala, tatvapada haaDu modala,
taaLa modala, mELa modala,
haasya modala, laasya modala,
jaana modala, jaanapada haaDu modala,
kavana modala, kavite modala
baNNa modala, kuncha modala,
jOGipada haaDe modala,
geegipada geete modala,
kanchina kamsaaLe modala,
doLLina doddaaTa modala
kOlina kOlaaTa modala,
balina bailaaTa modala,

shraddhe na, buddhi na, vidye na, bayake na
naana neena, neena naana

yaaru (8)

Listen to this song on youtube from here https://youtu.be/8PzNdb0EQlM

Yaru yaru song lyrics in English – Hatavadi Movie

Presenting “Yaru yaru song lyrics in English” from Kannada movie Hatavadi. The singer of the song is Shankar Mahadevan  and music composer is V Ravichandran. The actors of the song are Ravichandran, Radhika Kumarswamy. The lyrics of yaru yaru song are penned by Shree Chandru. This song is released in the year 2006.

Firstly read about the movie hatavadi movie.

The Movie Hatavadi

Hatavadi is a 2006 Indian kannada language film directed by V. Ravichandran. He stars in the lead role opposite Radhika. In addition to directed the film and acting, Ravichandran also took roles of the film’s screenwriter, dilogue-writer ,composer, lyricist and editor. The supporting cast features Sharan, Doddanna, Lakshman, Vinaya Prasad,Mukhyamantri Chandru and Chitra Shenoy.

Following the success of his 2005 film,Aham premaswami, Ravichandran announced that he would be directing Hatavadi, though the formal announcement of the film came seven months after its launch. The film was his second directorial under the banner sandesh Combines after Mammaga (1997).

Reviewing the film, The Hindu called Hatavadi a “surprise package of entertainment” and added “supported by brilliant photography by G.V.S. sitaram, imposing shot composition, clever screenplay,sharp editing, insightful dilogue at places and simple narration ,the film challanges the orthodox method of commercial film making. S.N. Deepak of Deccan Herald and adds “It is also about a man’s determination which makes him achieve what he wished despite obstacles, both societal and physical.

Song Credits :-

Song : Yaaru yaaru song 

Movie : Hatavadi 

Singer : Shankar Mahadevan

Music : V Ravichandran

Lyrics : Shree Chandru

Actor : Ravichandran, Radhika Kumarswamy 

Year   :  2006

Language : Kannada

Watch this song full video on youtube and enjoy the song’s music and video. You can read the lyrics of the song. In this article Yaru yaru song lyrics in English – Hatavadi Movie are given above in enlglish language.

Yaru yaru song lyrics in English – Hatavadi Movie ends here, hope you will like this song and the lyrics are interesting and helpfull for you. Read also other song lyrics from here-

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