Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English
Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English

Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English

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Male : { Aambalaikum pombalaikum
Avasaram adha kaadhalunnu
Solluraanga anaivarum

Male : Kaadhal oru kannaampoochi
Kalavaram adhu eppothumae
Bothaiyaana nelavaram } (2)

Male : Appo aanum ponnum
Othumaiya irunthuchu
Adhu kaadhalilae
Uzhagathayae maranthuchu

Male : Adhu vaazhntha pothilum
Illa erantha pothilum
Adhu pirinjadhae illa
Adhu maranjadhae illa

Male : Thinam jodi jodiyaai
Inga sethu kedakumdaa
Adha thookumbothellam
En nenju valikumdaa

Male : Nee sollum kaadhalellaam
Malai yeri pochu situ
Thumbala polae vanthu
Poguthu indha kaadhalu

Male : Kaadhalunnu solluraanga
Kandapadi suthuraanga
Dabu koranja mabbu koranja
Thalli poraanga

Male : Kaadhal ellamae
Oru kannaampoochi

Male : Idhil aanum pennumae
Thinam kaanaa pochu
Kaadhalilae tharkolaigal
Koranjae pochu

Male : Ada unmai kaadhalae
Illa sithapu inga oruthan
Saavuraan aana
Oruthan vaazhuraan

Male : Ada ennada uzhagam
Idhil ethana kalagam
Inga kaadhalae paavam
Idhu yaar vita saabam

Male : Aambalaikum pombalaikum
Avasaram adha kaadhalunnu
Solluraanga anaivarum

Male : Innaiki kaadhal ellam
Romba romba maariduchu
Kanna paakuthu kaiya
Korkuthu roomu ketkuthu

Male : Ellaam mudinja pinnum
Friendunu sollikitu
Vaazhuravanga romba
Perudaa ketu paaruda

Male : Ippa kaadhal thothutaa
Yaarum saavadhae illa
Ada onnu thothutaa
Rendu irukuthu ulla

Male : Ippa ellam devadaasu
Evanum illa

Male : { Avan pozhuthu pokuku
Oru figurea paakuraan
Ava selavu pannathaan
Oru loosa theduraa

Male : Rendu perumae inga
Poiyaa pazhaguraa
Romba pulichu pochuna
Kai kuluki piriyiraa } (2)

Male : ………………………………..

Listen to this song on youtube from here https://youtu.be/VDZkBusrvgg

Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English

Presented “Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English” from the movie Kazhugoo.This beutifull and lovely song is sung by Krishnaraj, Velmurugan and Sathyan. Music of Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram song is composed by Yuvanshankar Raja.

The lyrics are penned by Snegan. This song is directed by Siva starring by Krishna, Bindhu Madhavi. This Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram song is produced by K.K. Sekhar and K.S. Madhubal from the studio Talkimg times private limited. Song’s music is labled by Sony Music Entertainment India Private Limited.

This is a very beutifull and herat touching love song. You should watch this beutifull song video on youtube and read the lyrics. The lyrics Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English are given above in this article.

It’s 2019… This song is very Deep. so true and relatable. There is no true love these days!! People just want to spend some shitty time and leave you giving lame reasons.This is an awesome song with lyrics in reality of love especially happening in metro cities like chennai ,bangalore,Mumbai, Delhi.

Some Intresting details of the song are given below-

Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram details

Song : Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram song 

Movie : Kazhugoo

Singer : Krishnaraj , Velmurugan, Sathyam

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics : Snegan

Starcast : Krishna, Bindhu Madhavi

Producer : K.K. Sekhar, K. S. Madhubala

Director : Siva

Aambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram lyrics in English ends here, hope you will like this song and the lyrics that we are provided are interesting and helpfull for you.Read also other song lyrics from here-

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